SoLuTis SoLuTis
SoLuTis is a SLT laser designed to treat glaucoma.
This easy-to-use laser lets you carry out selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT laser) aimed at reducing intraocular pressure.
Its specific wavelength (532 nm) and extremely short pulse times (4 nsec) means that this new treatment procedure can be used to extend the scope of "conventional" laser trabeculoplasty (ALT) applications while preserving the trabeculum. This is referred to as "photoregeneration".

SLT laser: A safe and effective treatment
SoLuTis SLT laser acts selectively on the trabeculum, targeting pigmented cells only.
This "cold" laser thus "stimulates" cells rich in melanin while safeguarding trabecular structures.

In contrast to the ALT (Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty) procedure, SLT is primarily characterized by its absence of thermal effects, thus ensuring painless treatment.

This is now referred to as "photoregeneration" rather than "trabeculoretraction".

While SLT laser gives results that are equivalent to those of conventional trabeculoplasty (a pressure drop of around 20%), its key advantage is to provide a means of carrying out effective retreatments.

SLT laser: A simple procedure
Based on the simple protocol for "conventional" trabeculoplasty, the treatment consists in applying 400-µ impacts on all or part of the trabeculum.

There are two main, concurrent treatment approaches :
180 ° treatment of the trabeculum ? 50 impacts
360° treatment of the trabeculum ? 100 impacts

Treatment time is approx. 5 minutes.

Design / usability
Small and compact, the SoLuTis laser can be set up on your slit lamp (Haag-Streit type)
Two positions: Screening / Treatment
Wide slit opening travel

SoLuTis is lightweight and easy to transport

Your laser platform dedicated to glaucoma treatment

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