Aviso S

Aviso S UBM scanning Aviso S UBM scanning

The very compact Aviso S is the digital breakthrough in ophthalmic ultrasound. While in the past, standardized A-scans were only possible with an analog device, the Aviso S is the first and only device that enables digital now. Through years of experience in the field of standardized A-scans, Quantel Medical is the gold standard in this area. They have been able to convert this knowledge and experience, with cooperation of Dr. Karl Ossoining, to a digital device, the Aviso S. Besides standardized A-scans, there is also the possibility to link a 10, 20, 25 and/or a 50Mhz B-scan to the Aviso S. This unique device gives you the possibility to make digital all thinkable scans, edit them, archive them and send them to your digital patient record.

•Control unit with Touch Screen
•Cineloop last 10sec B-scan images
•Varigain Gain is adjustable of 20 to 110db during or after the recording.
•Vplus Gain is adjustable to 110 db
•A-scan recording consists of 1664 measurement points
•Post refractive IOL calculation
•Both Contact as Immersion method. Software included
•Standard delivered with: B-Probe 10MHz (closed) & A-Probe standardized 8 MHz

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