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Unique pendular technology
The unique pendular technology provides a homogeneous and exactly predictable flap thickness, as well as very smooth cutting edges.

Extremely low standard deviation
The standard deviation is extremely low (10 – 12 µm, depending on the size cutting head used).

Freely selectable hinge position
The hinge position can be freely selected (360 degrees). Even narrow palpebral fissures and small corneas can be treated successfully.

Complete interchangeability of components
Components of different hand pieces are compatible and are therefore individually interchangeable. Optimal performance of the treatment is ensured thanks to flexible application. Furthermore, consequential costs are reduced considerably and, thus, profitability is increased.

Continuous monitoring
A microprocessor monitors the application of the Carriazo-
Pendular continuously before and during treatment, ensuring safe, standardized and professional treatment performance for both doctor and patient.

Innovative software
With the innovative Carriazo-Pendular software for PC and notebook, the user is able to illustrate different suction and cutting phases in an uniquely detailed way.

Five cutting heads
The cutting heads are offered in the standard versions of 90, 110, 130, 150 and 170 µm, and are also available in all other desired cut thicknesses.

Interactive display
The functionality of the microkeratome is automatically checked prior to each application. The interactive display of the control panel, available in five languages, not only indicates possible errors, but also the respective solutions.

Innovative blade box
An innovative blade box provides increased safety during the performance of the treatment: The blade is always protected in the box, starting with assembly, during the cut itself and right up to disposal. Thereby, cutting complications and risk of injuries are avoided.

SCHWIND Artificial Chamber
With the SCHWIND Artificial Chamber, the Carriazo-Pendular microkeratome can be used for an exact, reliable and easy preparation of the donor cornea in all methods of lamellar keratoplasty.

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